Cardano Millionaire KJ VanDerwerken Building Businesses on the Blockchain

Cardano Millionaire KJ VanDerwerken Building Businesses on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been a major topic of discussion during the past year. Entrepreneur KJ VanDerwerken was convinced that it would happen in 2020. He made a big risk and invested early in ADA which is the native token of Cardano.

Cardano was attractive to KJ because of a myriad of reasons and he believes the company is positioning to be among the biggest players in the future read the full info here. While speaking to KJ at his firm’s headquarters, he seemed enthusiastic to teach us on the importance of education.

Cardano was created in the year the year 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. It’s believed to be an advanced third-generation blockchain. KJ highlighted the importance of the system being based upon peer-reviewed research and crafted with evidence-based techniques. Up to date, more than 128 articles have been released by Cardano which all help solve the blockchain trilemmaby as it is decentralized and scalable, and secure. Cardano has a well-thought out roadmap and clear view. Contrary to the majority of its competitors using proof of work it utilizes Ouroboros, the proof of stake consensus system which allows the network to be decentralized and permits it to continue to grow without compromising security. At present, 72% of the supply is staked. This makes One of the decentralized blockchains. There are at present 2.5 million wallets, and the increase in on chain activity has been phenomenal during Q4. 2021 also triggered significant collaborations. Africa as well as the underdeveloped and underbanked regions is one of the major areas of focus for Cardano. They signed a partnership with Ethiopia which will enable the 5 million Ethiopian students as well as educators to develop a block-chain-based all-inclusive student ID system. The aim is to compete with the entire nation’s ID system. There has also been significant developments road construction projects across the globe and a host of other projects in the near future. Another significant milestone was a deal that was signed with Dish/Boost Mobile. Cardano was able to secure their initial Fortune 250 partnership, which will offer 8 million digital identifiers for phones, as well as increasing rewards programs for customers.

All of this, in addition to other accomplishments, enabled ADA to gain 700% by 2021, which gives KJ Vanderwerken millionaire status due to his initial investment. Even though he’s become a millionaire however, he is convinced that this is just the beginning. “Now is a great time to build your business or project on Cardano” KJ believes. And he plans to to invest in and develop the blockchain.

A Alonzo hard fork, which was made in September made it possible smart contracts to be created which opened up a vast market of decentralized financial applications. As the chain is optimized and grows in the months ahead businesses will be competing, and the chain’s activity will increase by a significant amount. The chance to start your business or project is prime for reward regardless of no matter if it’s an decentralized exchange becoming an operator of stake pools, or even an NFT initiative in the realm of metaverse. The entrepreneur KJ VanDerwerken has big plans. “The Cardano community is second to any other. It’s given me a new way to start building”.

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